In a dictatorship, you need a sense of humor

Recently someone suggested to me that I ‘look at the bright side’ of living under a totalitarian dictatorship because not everything under authoritarianism can be portrayed as macabre. I find this comment to be almost charming in its naivete but nonetheless point taken, one can’t be seething in revolutionary anger and contempt for the status quo 24/7. So here are some ‘jokes’ xD

What do you have to say to the neocolonialist bureaucrat in order to get them to sell out their own people? Not much, all you have to do is write some numbers on a piece of paper! (cue laughter)

How manny Gambian bureaucrats does it take to put in a lightbulb? Well first they will give an interview about how they plan to increase infrastructure and development of new technologies that might screw in the lightbulb. Then thats it, the lightbulb never gets put in but they will constantly talk about how we are moving towards becoming a society where the concept of putting in a lightbulb and actually having it work might be a possibility.

Knock Knock!

Dictator: Who is there?


Dictator: Democracy who!? This is a mistake,  I didn’t order any democracy!

By fatimafreedomfighter

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