Welcome to Arabia!

There are so manny inaccurate caricatured connotations with being from the ‘East’ (East being relative to the Western American perspective). The erliest memory I have of the Western view of the East is from watching Disney movies. I get that Disney movies are made for children and cant be expected to be accurate in every fact, yet if Disney movies dont prey on pre-existing western stereotypes and fears then they must contribute to the general misconceptions about the non western world. The non western world is chucked into two sweeping generalizations: Asian and Arabians. For example the movie Aladdin takes place in ‘Arabia’ but what does that mean? Aladdin actually takes place in an amorphous nation that is a mesh of all the middle eastern stereotypes you can thing of.  Furthermore Disney has a dismal track record when it comes to portraying non-white characters for example the practice of darkening the skin of the ‘bad guys’ in the movie thus implicating a link between dark skin and being evil or of poor moral characters. The following poem is a play on the intro song in Disney’s Aladdin.

Oh I come from a place,

From a far away place,

Where the dastard turban men roam,

Where the Women, all in sheets

Live covered, head to feet

It’s misogynistic

But hey, It’s home!

Where men from the West, with blue eyes

And finely dressed

Come to teach the wonders of Christendom


Such kind men left

With arms cut off, accused of theft,

Bearing new stumps from the wrist up!

And now of Civility, they speak no more

Or their tongues be cut out

From the base of the mouth

Oh we Bedouins despise blasphemy!

Yet and still, I urge

That you come and be purged

Of all formality which you once knew

Arabian Niiiiiiiiights, with Ramadan Half moooooons

You better move Fast

If you want to last;

And keep appendages intact,

In Arabian Land.

By fatimafreedomfighter

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