I was born into a great nation of West Africa. I am Fula, a glorious ancestry. I am Gambian, native to a beautiful country. My country is deteriorating, slowly sinking under the weight of a ruthless power-hoarding dictatorship. I am the daughter of democracy, exiled. A dream deferred.

Note that Fatima is not my name, but a pseudonym I have adopted for the purpose of freely posting my opinions. As I am well aware of what happens to those who question the authority of that tyrant dragon that dwells in my countries so-called ‘Presidential Palace’. Though I have temporarily resided in America for many years, much of my family remains in Gambia. For their safety as well as my own its necessary for me to conceal my identity, at least for the time being. For I envision a time in my generation of Gambians where we will be free to express our opinions and critique any administration publically without fear of imprisonment, being exiled or killed.


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